How often should I have a facial?

Once a month is recommended. The skin cells take about 28 days to reach the surface so once a month, it is beneficial to deep cleanse and remove impurities from the pores. I can recommend the proper home care agenda as well as help you maintain your skin’s well-being.

What are the benefits of having regular facials?

There are many benefits to regular facials: Clearer skin is a natural result of professional exfoliating on a regular basis and smoother, more moist and supple skin is a result of the professional massage that may be included in your facial. As you keep your regular appointments, I will learn the cyclical changes that occur with your skin and will adjust and offer the correct products for you to use.

What causes my acne to flare up?

Acne outbreaks are caused by the four “trigger factors”: excess oil, pore-clogging dead skin cells, acne bacteria and inflammation. Hormones prompt your oil glands to produce excess oil, provoking the skin cells in your pores to rapidly shed. When the pore becomes clogged by trapped oil and dead skin cells it creates a perfect breeding ground for irritating acne bacteria. As your skin tries to deal with the bacteria, it becomes inflamed, eventually causing a full-blown breakout.

Do I need to use an eye cream? Can my facial moisturizer work under and around my eyes just as well?

All moisturizers can be used around the eyes. However, the skin around the eye area is a lot different than the rest of the face. There are no oil glands there, so skin tends to get dry and wrinkled. Also, the skin of the eye area is much thinner and can’t absorb heavier products. A separate eye cream should be used to solve specific problems around the eye such as fine lines and dark circles.

Do I really need to use a toner?

Toner is one of the most under rated products on the market. Cleansers do not clean the skin entirely. You need a toner to finish the job. Our toners are designed to complete the cleansing process but it also prepares the skin to except all other products such as creams, serums etc.

I have adult acne. Are there any options aside from using antibiotics or products such as Retin-A?

Seeing an acne specialist is always a good idea. We will clean out your impacted pores and put you on a skin care regimen to naturally kill the bacteria that may be causing your breakouts.

I am beginning to see some sagging along my jaw line. Which products should I use?

I am a big believer in Vitamin C products. Cellex C can actually turn the clock back and leave it there for a while. What more can we ask for? I have been using C products for 15 years and most people cannot guess my age.

Do I really need to use a mask? If so, why?

Yes. Regular use of facial masks for your skin type and condition keeps your skin tone, just like regular exercise keeps your body in shape.

How often should I exfoliate? And should I do it at night or in the morning?

I recommends that you exfoliate your skin 1 to 2 times a week. Exfoliators gently buff away dulling surface flakes, unclogs pores and smooth out skin as it exfoliates. It does not matter whether you exfoliate morning or night, but be sure to cleanse and tone your skin first as exfoliaters are not cleansers.

Which products are right for my skin condition?

I can prescribe for you exactly which products will be ideal for your individual skin condition. You may also use our free skin analysis assessment to find out which products are best for your skin type.

Why are my cheeks always red and sensitive?

Usually it is due to either telangiectasia (broken capillaries) Rosacea, or both. This is a condition that should only be diagnosed by a physician.

What can be done for those annoying occasional breakouts on the face?

Epicuren makes Lancer Gel, created by dermatologist, Dr Lancer in Beverly Hills Dr. It is an herbal treatment and is great to spot treat an occasional breakout. It works very well when they first appear. They are usually gone within two days.

Since reaching menopause my skin has really changed. Do your products help with these skin changes such as very dry skin, dull, flaky, wrinkled, sagging, rough texture etc.?

Absolutely, skin changes can start with pre-menopause and continue all the way through post-menopause. We carry many products to address all those problems. I have seen great results with Epicurens Pro Collagen 3 mixed with their Skin Rejuvenating Therapy (which contain vitamins A E and C) and Colostrum Cream-day and night. You may also want to try Cellex-C which contains the highest concentration of vitamin C on the market today. You will see a difference within a couple of weeks after using these products.